Going against the rule of food business, where margins are kept very high, we strategise to sell on a low margins thus managing a Value/Price ratio which is higher than any similar offering in market.

The logic behind this is not to gain high volume but the fact that management does not want to over charge it's customers and rather save money by generating efficiencies. Historically this has worked well, and volumes as a by-product, profusely followed.

This service of low price and high value product offering was managed successful by cutting the high margin which other traders use to make, and by making a very strict cost structure which made the cost of goods sold least in the market. Efficient purchasing, timely payments, disciplined working & manufacturing culture have led to reduced costs.

Thus the DNA of the business organization is the Social Idea, which work on a limited margin and high controlled costing environment to deliver a high value (Quality/Price) ratio to customer.



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