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Jain Food Products was established by young entrepreneur Seth Shri Mussaddi Lal Jain who out of sheer hard work,perseverance and with great customer centricity has started this firm in 70s. Great visionary he was, supported by his wife Shrimati Shanti Devi who has shared the tough times with equal passion.

Likewise any other venture the firm has seen its growth trajectory but what makes this firm unique is the philosophy which Seth Shri Mussaddi Lal Jain has adopted and which later proved to be responsible for the great success.

The firm which started as a Sweetmeat shop is currently now one of the largest Namkeen producer and sellers. It has 4 brands of Namkeens in its portfolio and caters to as distant regions as Barmer, Abu Road, Jaipur, Tonk, Nagur etc.

The firm is operated out of Ajmer, a city of great historic significance.

Currently the business is run by second generation family members Shri Kamal Kant Jain and Shri Sunil Dutt Jain and third generation is also on business training phase.


Seth Mussadi Lal belonged to a village in Alwar district and had come along with his father in Ajmer during 50s.He started his career in pretty young phase of his life as after partition of the country the financial condition of the family worsened a lot. He started selling Sweets and Namkeen in carts and has acquired the shop in Ajmer in late 70s.

Soon in 80s he was joined by his two sons and business growth took a steep growth trajectory. In 90s the manufacturing facility was shifted to a bigger premise. Two new brands were launched in 2002 which contributed immensely in the sales growth.

Firm's latest adventure has been its fourth brand which has been launched to cater to the needs of the upper and upper middle strata of society. This is a remarkable addition in firm's philosophy which till date has only catered to the SEC B and C.


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